UAE continues to be favoured expat destination



The UAE has again been highlighted as a hugely popular destination for expatriates, with a new report documenting high wage increases during 2011.

A survey of around 35,000 professional expatriates in the Gulf region discovered that the UAE has the greatest expat retention rate, with 81 percent of expatriates who live and work there stating that they have no desire to leave.

The report, from top recruitment firm Gulf Talent, revealed that the despite the recent recession healthy business confidence, low rents and political stability are ensuring that the UAW remains at the top of the expat destinations list.

Dubai was cited as the most popular UAE destination with 37 percent of expats in other parts of the Gulf stating that they wished to relocate to Dubai.

In 2011, Saudi Arabia displayed solid expat job creation, with 62 percent of Saudi companies upping their numbers of expat employees. Industries that helped by expanding the most include oil and gas, health care and retail.

Speaking to The Telegraph one UK expat extolled the virtues of living in the UAE: “There is something here for everyone. You have your pick of music concerts, sports activities and beautiful beaches, and there are great restaurants, bars and clubs. For what you would pay in the UK for a small flat, over here you can get a brand new ensuite apartment with a gym, sauna, jacuzzi and steam room all a stone's throw from the beach. the job market is picking up at the moment too, and there are excellent opportunities.”