Top 10 Expat Blogs In Spain

There are quite a few reasons to move to Spain, the most convincing one probably being the weather. Even though the economy has taken a strong hit in the past couple of years, Spain remains one of the top destinations for Brits moving abroad. Although spread all over the country, there are regions like Andalucia, Mallorca or Valencia which seem to be especially densely populated by expats.

Whilst the media and other businesses may be able to provide countless reasons why you should or shouldn’t move to Spain, there’s no better source of reliable information, tips and tricks than those who have been through it and are sharing their own experiences online.

We read through a hundred blogs and selected the 10 bloggers we think you should definitely follow.


Spanish Sabores
Lauren and Alejandro’s blog had us daydreaming about exotic flavours (make sure to check out the recipes section), good wine and breathtaking landscapes. Lauren moved from the US to Seville after college and met Alejandro through a language exchange advertisement. Now based in Madrid, they share their experiences travelling to lesser known Spanish destinations, culture and expat experiences!
Piccavey - Food, Culture & Travel in Spain
Staying on the food subject, this blog also had us staring at the monitor, mouth watering. Molly moved from Nottingham to Spain in 1998. Having lived in Barcelona and Granada, Molly also blogs about events, shopping tips and guides! One of our favorite pieces was “A Spanish Foodie Glossary – Pintxos, Tapas & Raciones“, which also showcases pictures of amazing tapas and explains the culture of spanish “snacking”.>
Sunshine and Siestas
Catherine moved from Chicago to Sevilla in 2007 to teach at a rural high school. In her free time she travels around Spain and Europe taking amazing photos and videos along the way. She blogs about her experiences in Seville and on the road, but also about struggles with saying goodbye, moving abroad and fighting to get a visa (“Breaking Rules and Breaking Down”).
Christine in Spain
Coming from a family of expats, Christine “was born with wanderlust” - and it shows. Living in the Basque Country, she blogs about Basque and Spanish culture, her travels around the world and about her life as an expat. Originally from Seattle, Christine discusses issues expats can relate to, most notably in her post The Expat Dilemma.
Hola Yessica
24-year-old Jessica was born in England, grew up in California and now lives in Barcelona, so she’s no stranger to moving. She provides tips for future expats and if you fancy a read on festivals in Spain you’ll find an archive of posts dedicated solely to “fiestas” in the country, including a secretive insider one (Spain’s Prettiest Secret Festival).
Spain for Pleasure
Twenty-something (which in his own words means 25+), Josh is a rare male voice amongst so many female bloggers. After graduating he traveled around a bit before deciding to move to Spain, where he now works as an English teacher and a freelance writer. Alongside very informative posts like “How to Get The Best Euro Exchange Rate When You Head to Spain”, this blog also explores Spanish culture in a more lighthearted manner, see: “Ten Spanish Drinking Commandments”.
Wagoners Abroad
Alan, Heidi, Lars and Anya are a family of four that moved from the US to Almuñécar in 2012. Passionate travellers, they collectively have stamps of 35+ countries in their passports, and they share their travel logs and their thoughts on adapting to a new culture. One article that may pique your interest is The Kids Adjusting to Expat Living.
Anna Nicholas - Best of Both Worlds
Anna Nicholas was born in Kent but now lives in Mallorca. Her passion for travelling started at an early age, ultimately influencing her professional life. In her blog, Anna shares her experiences and impressions with soon-to-be expats, a shown in Do expats know best? I'm sorry, I haven't a clue! As a writer for The Telegraph, she also blogs for the Weekly Expat Blog.
Expat Consultant
Living in Spain since leaving the UK in 2004, Yolanda Solo has had her share of struggles to find work in a country in economic crisis and a failing real estate sector. With a go-getter attitude and persistence, Yolanda now wants to change how expats look at making a living in Spain, sharing her own experiences, business opportunities and posts regarding personal finance, such as 5 Ways Expats Can Save Money.
American in Spain
If there’s one thing that Erik Rasmussen’s blog has going for it - it’s dedication. He’s been blogging about being an American in Spain since 2006, giving readers a privileged insight into his life and the life of his expanding young family. Maybe not always the most useful blog from a purely informative standpoint, but he writes with such an earnest tone that one can’t help but be charmed by American in Spain. Check out Nora’s First Outfit for a lovely conversation between a father and his newborn daughter.