Emigration and Relocation Checklist

Relocating can be arduous and time consuming. However, with a bit of planning it can be relatively simple and stress-free. This article focuses on the small and easy to forget issues that you must remember to address, and should make your transition to a new country simpler.

expat living required documents

This is a checklist of important documents you may require:

- Visas and Work Permits

- Vaccination, medical and dental records

- Insurance policies

- Academic records and diplomas

- Employment records

- Proof of new residency

- Living will and testament

- Birth and Marriage Certificates

For the work permits and visa information please refer to our city guides for information, or contact the embassy of the country you are moving to.

All your medical records should be available from your GP and they will be able to compile them without fuss. Dental records should be available from your dentist.

Insurance policies, academic and employment records, proof of new residency, wills, birth and marriage certificates are all things you will have to compile personally.

These are all small, but important, aspects of relocating.