Corporate and Social Resposibility

Social Responsibility

At Expat & Offshore we take our corporate and social responsibilities very seriously; not only with regard to the laws which govern our practices, but most importantly the wider community of English speaking people living abroad who deserve consistent and honest information. For these reasons we strive to act and do business in a way that delivers the kind of consistent and ethical behaviour we can be proud of.

Environmental Policy

At Expat & Offshore, we recognise the importance of safeguarding and respecting the world’s natural environment. We also realize that many of our fellow expatriates feel the same way.

In a globalised world, the impacts of our actions and choices often have the most damaging manifestations in the poorest countries and affect the people who can least afford to bear the brunt of them. Recognizing this, our approach begins by viewing our business activities in terms of their global impacts. As we cater to a community of expatriates living abroad, we understand that the effects of our actions also impact the very people that we are trying to help the most.

Although we are a relatively small organisation, we view issues of sustainability with the upmost importance and endeavour to make educated and informed choices in every circumstance.

What’s more, we recognise that the most important thing we can do to safe guard our natural environment is to become conscious of the decisions, choices and actions that we make. In many cases this means altering our normal decision making process to consider our planet and the people around us.