Why you should seek further advice from an Independent Financial Adviser



Whilst browsing through the information we are proud to host on Expat & Offshore you may notice that we often refer to the importance of further discussing your financial matters with an Independent Financial Adviser.

This may prompt you to ask- “why?”

Expat & Offshore is a website that intends to give you information to help form the foundations of your financial planning. We aim to assist you by adding to your existing knowledge. We publish news articles, information pages, expert opinions and blog posts regularly, so you can think of us as your ultimate web resource for all matters relating to offshore life.

However, the information found on expatandoffshore.com cannot be treated as financial or legal advice. We intend to be a resource, but are only the first step in your plans. When visiting our site you will see that our dedication to expat life is paramount and we are happy to promote the benefits of such a lifestyle, but you should take what you’ve learnt from Expat & Offshore, apply that knowledge to your own situation and then speak to an accredited Independent Financial Adviser before making any serious financial decisions.

Even with all this information at your fingertips, you can never do better than having a conversation with a real person. An Independent Financial Adviser’s primary role is to discuss your personal goals and financial situation together, with an aim to finding the best solution for you based entirely on your personal situation, using their knowledge and experience to help.

Once you feel you wish to talk to an IFA we can put you in touch with one. We conduct thorough due diligence on all our recommended Independent Financial Advisory firms, and will recommend one suitable for your needs. Now that you are ready, please visit our Contact an IFA page to begin the process - Its a free service to the users of Expat & Offshore as we firmly believe that you should talk to these professionals for bespoke guidance.