Why Invest Offshore

Offshore investment offers a number of opportunities most of which are accessible and uniquely suited to expat investors. Those who work overseas or who have decided to retire to sunnier shores may wish to minimise their tax liabilities as much as is legally possible. Furthermore, in the interest of reducing risk, expats should always think about opportunities to diversify both financial and real estate portfolios.

reasons to invest offshore

Offshore Marina

Tax Efficiency

While you may be in a high tax area, your assets needn’t be. Offshore jurisdictions are typically ultra-low or zero tax areas and the institutions that exist there are expert in structuring your financial map to drastically reduce your total tax liability – wherever you live.


Many offshore financial products come from an environment where confidentiality is key. Most people don’t value confidentiality until they really need it, but with the often dynamic and unstable nature of life as an expatriate, one never knows what’s around the corner.

We have prepared a detailed breakdown on the need for and Benefits of Confidentiality.

Risk Management and Diversification

A diverse portfolio is essential for all serious investors. The concept simply means reducing risk by not committing to investment opportunities in one sector, or one country, when you have the ability to invest in an array of different products catered to your needs. Offshore instruments give access to all the products in the world enabling you to make a true choice, rather than simply choose from a selection that one particular government thinks is best for you.

We have prepared further information on Risk Optimisation and Diversification.

International Access

All offshore products typically have an expat or international focal point. They offer a variety of expat-focused services like multi-currency accounts and offshore mortgages. Keeping your finances administered offshore means that an international relocation needn’t mean a financial headache. For further information, please see our section on Offshore Financial Advice.