Our Team

We take the quality and credibility of content featured on our site with the utmost seriousness and importance. We employ specialists in each field we cover to ensure every word is accurate, up-to-date and useful. Any tips, advice or other information featured on our site is a result of journalistic research and well-honed market expertise.

Our team of experts is constantly refining this information, thereby providing you with the latest and most accurate advice in all areas of international living. As such, our experts take great pride in their high professional standards.

Our staff have in-depth knowledge of expatriate living around the world. This allows us to provide you with localised information whilst, at the same time, delivering thorough and deep-routed global perspectives. Together our experts collectively aim to give expatriates worldwide the knowledge they need to prosper abroad.


Our company leaders consist of highly trained professionals who together ensure the well-being, growth and collaborative effort of our staff to actively propel our company forward in its mission.

Editorial Staff

Michael Brinksman- Online Content Editor

Our editorial team is fronted by Michael Brinksman, a globally experienced journalist with a background in international living and the financial industries. Having previously worked and lived in a number of popular expat locations, Michael is able to benefit our users through his first-hand knowledge and experiences. Each one of his editorial staff is dedicated to research, exploration and fact finding to deliver the highest quality and most up-to-date, impartial information.

Financial Consultants

Grant Marks- Finance Specialist

Our financial experts, managed by Finance Specialist Grant Marks, consist of both permanent members of staff and part-time consultants, thereby allowing us to draw on in-house expertise and more specialised skills. This combination of unique skill-sets strongly enhances our capability to impart advice that our users find clear-cut and informative.

Technical Staff

Karl Thorn- Head of Site Development

Our technical team, led by Karl Thorn, is dedicated to providing you with a site that is simple and easy-to-use so that you can find what you’re looking for quickly and effortlessly. Karl and his team ensure that the site is robust and reliable and that any private information is securely held. They also work on developing proprietary tools and applications to help you manage your international life more effectively.