Managing Your Finances Offshore

Expat & Offshore has tips and advice on all elements of expatriate financial needs. Below is a summary of what you will need to consider:


Your first and most urgent issue will be cash flow. The offshore banking section has a plethora of information covering your banking options when you move. There are a variety of advantages available to expats, from tax free saving to improved privacy and security.

managing finances offshore


Our section on wealth management provides a host of information on how to invest offshore. We have articles on the benefits of offshore investments, themes and ideas for investing, ethical investments, risk management and more.

Retirement Planning

Expat & Offshore has detailed information on how to lead a happy, healthy, and above all financially secure life. More information is available in our retirement planning section. It might seem far away, but retirement issues should not be taken for granted.

Estate Management

Planning for the future of your spouse and family is especially important for expats, who generally know little or nothing about inheritance laws, probate and other legal issues in their country of residence. To help you with this, Expat & Offshore has comprehensive information on how to plan for the preservation of funds after your death. You will find all the information to make succession planning as straightforward, painless, secure and tax-efficient as possible.