Top 5 Overseas Property & Real Estate Sites

WhichOffshore Top 5 property abroad sitesBuying property abroad presents a number of challenges for expats, which can make the process stressful and time consuming. Fluctuations in currency value, the difficulty of viewing properties in foreign nations before you move there and the red tape involved in buying property abroad are just a few of such issues.

However, selecting a reliable, helpful and trustworthy real estate agent can eliminate these problems and put your mind at ease when taking this important step. To help you find the perfect company, Expat & Offshore have compiled a list of the top 5 real estate sites.

Here is our list of the best (in alphabetical order):

Atlas International (+44) 01306 887470
Dream Homes Orlando (+44) 013227 8230
Hamptons International (+44) 0207758 8488
Sotheby's (+44) 0207808 8540
Vue International Property (+44) 01306 400660

Useful tips for buying property overseas

Be aware of Visa issues: The type of visa that you posses could determine whether or not you have the right to live in that nation or purchase property there. This is therefore one of the first things to consider when commencing your search for property.

Analyse the property market: Even if you are purchasing a retirement property, it is still an important investment and you should be seeking returns on it or at least ensuring you don’t suffer a loss. By studying trends in the property market you can determine whether it will be subject to a boom or crash and invest your hard earned savings appropriately.

Translate documents professionally: If you are moving to a non English-speaking nation, then this is vital to ensure you know exactly what the legal documents you’re signing entail.

Beware of movements in exchange rates: Purchasing a property abroad can take weeks or months, meaning that the value of the property could change considerably if there are fluctuations in exchange rates during this period. Keep up to date with currency values to ensure that the transaction is profitable.


We’ve reviewed companies based on the information provided on their website, online customer reviews, ease of contact, helpfulness of the staff and ultimately time to respond to customers.