Finding the right IFA



Finding the right financial adviser is not always an easy task. In fact, recent news reports have revealed that many people within the UK neglect to find an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) altogether, instead asking for advice from their friends and family.

The importance of good financial advice cannot be stressed enough, it can make the difference between a comfortable retirement and one wrought with worry.

Of course, when dealing with matters as important as the financial future of your family it is always wise to be wary, however this doesn’t mean you should neglect financial advice entirely, just that you should be certain you have a trusted adviser of integrity and expertise.

When having initial discussions with an IFA, there are a few questions you can ask to establish their worth:

Q. How would you best describe your service?

A good IFA will be able to give you detailed breakdown of how exactly they can assist you reach your financial goals.

Q. What are your qualifications?

A reputable IFA will have all the necessary financial industry qualifications, with certificates readily available for inspection.

Q. How long have you been working as an IFA for?

It is recommended that you work with an IFA who has a breadth of experience dealing with a diverse set of clients. Preferably, the IFA will be able to supply testimonials from previous customers vouching for his level of service.

Q. What kind of client do you usually deal with in terms of income and investments?

Ideally, your IFA will have experience dealing with a range of different clients, from high net worth to smaller-minded investors. This way they will have adequate knowledge across the financial board, so that they can ensure you sound advice whatever your financial goals may be.

Q. What makes you different to one of your competitors?

Again, a good IFA will already have a statement of intent prepared, looking at your scenario and goals, they will be able to swiftly give you a detailed breakdown of what they can offer, and with an ideal plan in front of you visiting another adviser will not be necessary.

Q. What is your fees scheme?

Within the financial industry there are unfortunately some unscrupulous people who will attempt to sting you with confusing fee structures and hidden costs. A respectable adviser will give you a clear idea of what, when, and how you are going to be charged.

To speak with a recommended adviser who we are certain will be able to answer all of these questions accordingly, visit our Contact an IFA page and fill out the short form.