Is it a car? Is it boat? No, it's SuperYacht.



Soon to be splashing into the play-pools of just a handful of the super-rich is quite possibly the most exclusive yacht ever created.

The 122 super yacht, dreamt up by the design team at Strand Craft, will cost a staggering $24 million dollars, and if you’re thinking about saving up for it you’d better hurry- there’re only going to be six made.

The yacht itself is a creation of great supremacy, it boasts speeds of over 50 knots and has over 14,000 horesepower delivered by two Rolls-Royce engines.

Inside the 120 tonne behemoth lays an Art Deco interior that can be personalised to individual specifications, four double staterooms, salon areas, a reception area and crew cabins. The rooms are all fitted with cutting-edge 52” LED televisions and state-of-the art sound systems created by Bang Olufson.

However, the most extravagant feature of the yacht has still to be revealed, tucked away in stern garage on the 122 is a supercar, yes there is a luxury car within the yacht. The supercar is said to have a top speed of 375 kmh, powered by a 880 horsepower twin turbo V12 engine.

The 112 SuperYacht has a length of 28 meters and a width of 7.5 meters.