Move abroad in 2011


Miserable UK

The now departed 2010 was a massive year for expatriates. More and more people decided to take the plunge and move out of the UK in search of a better and more prosperous life abroad.

With the way things are currently progressing in the UK those numbers don't look like they're going to dwindle anytime soon. If anything, 2011 will see even more people leave the country, and for a number of good reasons. Many different types of people choose the expatriate life, from working professionals to those approaching retirement. Whatever type of person you may be the reasons for moving away are clear- living and working in the United Kingdom is leaving people with a strong sense of dissatisfaction.

So as we start the new year you may be thinking about your own options, and with that in mind let us highlight some of the reasons why 2011 should be the year when you finally take the plunge and become an expatriate.

Taxes, cuts and unemployment.

As the United Kingdom struggles with an almighty deficit, 2011 is the year when all our pockets are going to be hit. There are a number of tax increases that are being implemented, with the VAT increase coming into effect from this month, which means your general expenses are going to increase too. Along with that high earners are going to feel an extra pinch as their taxes will increase, and National Insurance contributions are also seeing a cheeky rise.

To pile on the woe the Coalition Government has also put in place a harsh regime of spending cuts, cuts that will further add weight to the already bloated rain cloud that hovers over UK morale. With less money being put into the actual growth of the country the UK will only flounder, and eventually begin to move backwards before any growth is actually made. Without a decent amount of money being put into the infrastructure of the UK many important aspects will suffer, from the NHS to education across the country.

So basically, with an increase in taxes you are actually paying more money for less services.

The cuts and lack of money put into infrastructure were recently highlighted by another factor that is expected to persist over the coming years- extreme weather. Recent bouts of snow left the country in complete disarray, despite having dealt with heavy snow for years the government seems unable to tackle the problem leading to trapped citizens and busy cities resembling snowy wastelands. With more extreme weather predicted, and less money than before to deal with it, it looks like winter is going to feel like a mini ice age from now on.

The wide scale cuts are also leading to increased unemployment throughout the land, all in all a bleak picture begins to take shape.

Yet if you cast a view to other countries a different picture can be seen. Many other countries are not suffering the problems we have in the UK. By moving abroad you may have the opportunity to enjoy a better standard of life. Find out more about countries that offer good prospects for expatriates over in our City Guide section.