Get your islands! Islands for sale!


When life gets on top of you a friend would not be out of place were he to offer you a word of support and tell you to take step back from your workload, for as the famous saying goes “no man is an island”. Now while that may be true, what a man can do, providing he has substantial funds available in his offshore bank account, is buy his very own island, then when his meddlesome friend repeats the clichéd phrase as a word of misguided advice one can reply “well I don’t want to be an island, I already own one!”

Now you would probably think that owning an island would only be a possibility for the five richest kings of Europe, there are some which are a bit more ‘affordable’. Let’s take a look at some of the islands on sale.

Raspberry Island

Raspberry Island

The colourfully named Raspberry Island is found in Nova Scotia, Canada and is eight acres of land for the bargain-basement price of £51,200. The island itself is in the shape of a crescent and is surrounded by the warm waters of the Gulf Stream. The Yarmouth International Airport is very close for good air links and it is just 2km away from the mainland.

Another island in Nova Scotia is Partridge Island, costing a bit more than Raspberry Island at a price of £178,000. This beautiful, wooded island is found in the middle of the Big Mushamush Lake and is only an hour away from nearby Halifax and its airport. Planning permission is available on this island so any potential purchaser would also be able to build a new home on the island itself. The dense wood areas are perfect for strolling and exploring, this place really is an ideal getaway destination for the affluent individual who grows weary of city life.

Komariyama Island

Komariyama Island

Our next island-for-sale is the Japanese island called Komariyama Island, located south of Osaka. This island is surrounded by clear-blue waters and a golden sandy beach and like Partridge Island you are free to apply for planning so that you can build a dream home on a dream island. It has great accessibility and is only five minutes away from the mainland. Our most expensive island so far, Komariyama costs £553,800.

A little bit closer to home is Quay Island in Ireland, which spans 24 acres and costs £349,000. This island comes equipped with a lighthouse, some old ruins and fertile land ripe for farming. When the tide is low this island can actually be accessed by foot but at all other times one can reach it by boat.

Over in the USA we have another cheapie in the shape of Naomi Island, spanning five acres and costing £86,700. Naomi Island is near the Hudson River in between New York and Albany and can be accessed easily by boat. The island has some old facilities previously used for summer camps but these would need to be replaced with newer facilities.

Another, albeit pricier American island is Canary Island in New York State, found in the St Lawrence River. The island has its own luxurious house which was built in the 30s and comes with six bedrooms. Though built years ago the home has been maintained throughout the years and remains a perfect abode. As mentioned though it doesn’t come cheap- a cool £648,200 to be precise.

Isla Mongon

Isla Mongon

Venture into South America and you can buy the lush island of Isla Mongon in Valdiva, located south of Chile. Isla Mongon lies just under three miles away from the main city area of Valdiva and is easily accessible. The island itself has a large amount of vegetation consisting mainly of apple, plum and cherry trees. The remnants of an old home lie near the centre of the island complete with functioning water well. Costing £127,000 Isla Mongon is in the mid-range of the islands on offer.

Back in Europe, Norway has a couple of islands that could interest the discerning land buyer, firstly there’s Loksoya Island. Loksoya is around 182,000sqm and comes with a small sister, or satellite, island. The island comes with a large cottage, perfect to house a family during a holiday. The cottage is 33sqm in size, has a big terrace, and has solar panels fitted. The island is currently without electricity but should a prospective owner want electricity they may be able to have cables fitted underwater, via a neighbouring island. Aside from the main cottage Loksoya comes with three smaller cabins that also are equipped with kitchens and a bedroom. There are a host of activities to be enjoyed on Loksoya, making it an ideal destination for a family holiday. Water sports are enjoyed in the area and the island is part of a large local fishing community. To call this island your own you will have to fork out a total of £305,200

Another pocket of paradise in Norway is the joint islands of Lille Ramso and Reipholmen. Lille Ramso has a large, recently renovated home, complete with a power supply. There is a good amount of wildlife in the area, and the buyer of the islands would do well to gain a fishing permit, as the surrounding waters have a great selection of marine life including monkfish, lobster and cod. Along with the main home there is also a warehouse, a boathouse and a storage facility. As the most expensive island on our list this tandem location will set you back £1,191,400.

Of course owning your own island is not something anyone can achieve, you the reader may be fortunate enough to have the funds ready or perhaps for the moment it is just an aspiration.