Expats entering Abu Dhabi must visit new health centre

Abu Dhabi

From now on all expats who either enter Abu Dhabi or seek to have their visas renewed will be screened at a newly established health centre.

The new rules have been created by Abu Dhabi's government in a bid to keep the nation free from illness and viruses. Expatriates are thought to have contributed to large percentages of infectious illnesses and now the Government has stepped in.

The Capital Screening Centre will be found in the Al Jazira Sports Stadium and is expected to open its doors within the next few months. Suhail Al Ansari, Head of Mubadala Healthcare- the organisation who have built the centre, said: “We aim to deliver a world-class facility that welcomes newcomers to Abu Dhabi and helps to ensure that our working community remains safe and healthy, which we believe is vital to the region's continued growth and prosperity.”

Mubadala Healthcare feel that the new health centre will serve to provide more world-class health facilities to the denizens of Abu Dhabi as well as screening expats for infection.