Expats more likely to thrill-seek

Extreme Sports

Expats are more likely to take part in extreme sports such as off piste skiing, hang gliding, kayaking, rock climbing and skydiving, a new survey has revealed.

Around 51 percent, of the respondents to a survey conducted by medical insurance company Medicare International stated that they would be happy take part in an extreme sport while living abroad.

The survey claimed that high-adrenaline activities such as off quad biking, skydiving, hang gliding, jet skiing, windsurfing, kayaking and rock climbing have rising in popularity since their initial boom in the early 1990s. Now, expats are leading the interest in the professional world, perhaps an indication of the kind of mindset that is prevalent in one who chooses to start a new life abroad.

Previous studies have revealed that expatriates are more adventurous, which is clearly a factor in the desire to take part in extreme sports.

Expatriates are always encouraged to make the most of their new lives abroad, and if that entails jumping off buildings and speeding down icy slopes then so be it.