Exodus from Britain Hots Up But How Many Come Back?

Expat Globe

The news is always full of stories about the masses of Brits that are choosing to live their life offshore. However, those of us living abroad know that for many the expat dream turns sour with many not making the switch permanent.

Global Visas who help people leave Britain for a new life overseas have released research that suggests that while applications to emigrate have risen by 15% since last year. However, a third of expats end up coming back to the UK earlier than intended.

Gary Smith, Global Sales and Marketing Director at Global Visas told The Telegraph, “The bad weather combined with a lack of jobs has prompted an increase in the number of requests for visa applications to our UK office. People are currently looking to move overseas for brighter career prospects, better living conditions and quality of life”.

“Leaving home to live or work abroad is a huge step and one that not everybody manages to cope with, especially in the volatile financial markets that we’re currently experiencing.

“Money is obviously going to be a big factor. Many people who had believed themselves to be set up for life have been met with a sharp shock to find that their savings have become devalued.”