British expats no longer miss home



A new report has revealed that homesickness amongst British expatriates is now becoming less of an issue than in previous years.

A new survey conducted by NatWest International Personal Banking (IPB) of 2,000 British expats discovered that around 69 percent feel they have comfortably adapted to their new home.

Only five years ago, a similar survey showed that 68 per cent of British expats felt homesick and missed family and friends , but now just 47 percent feel the same. Also declining was the number of expats who miss Britain's countryside- what was once a percentage of 40 has now fallen completely to zero.

Previous surveys had 26 percent missing British television, which too has fallen, to 15 per cent, as did the amount of people who missed British food, down by 26 percent. Perhaps most damning is the number of expats who miss Britain's cultural heritage- zero percent.

Dave Isley, head of Natwest IPB, said: “Five years ago, homesickness was a factor in the decision to stay or go abroad. But Brits are now finding it easier to up sticks thanks to the plethora of internet tools available. Whilst moving abroad either to work or retire used to mean missing those milestone family events, the reality is that technology has lessened the extent of the emotional trauma or guilt of not seeing an important family event.”