Expat opportunities await in the East

Hong Kong

As global finance shifts to the East, more skilled Western citizens are choosing to explore the expat possiblilites available in increasingly important worldwide destinations such as Hong Kong and Singapore.

In fact, Hong Kong is seeing many British expats come in, expats who previously may have opted for wetsern areas such as Spain and France.

One expat commentator remarked: “Hong Kong is very much the jewel of the Asian crown, with the lure of a thriving economy, rich and vibrant culture and low tax regime making it an obvious destination for British expats. While the markets in the West continue to struggle under the economic malaise, Asia’s growth has soared and this is undeniably exciting for British expats. As infrastructure and business models develop across Asia, and more businesses expand into Asian markets, we are likely to see a rising number of British expats turning their backs on Western Europe and the US in favour of the Far East”

Along with the aforementioned tax and salary advantages, it seems that British expats in turn are highly coveted themselves for the professional skills they possess.

If you are interested in taking your career on to the next level, speak to an IFA about how becoming an expatriate could create significant advantages.