Estate agents value beloved British landmarks


Estate agents around the United Kingdom have offered up a cheeky solution to Britain’s debt problems, sell some of its historical landmarks!

Property website, conducted a survey of 500 estate agents to see if they could figure out values for some of Britain’s most famous landmarks and the results were interesting to say the least.

The mystical Stonehenge was valued at £51 million, 10 Downing Street, home to the Prime Minister, was given a price tag of £5.1millon and popular seaside haunt Blackpool Tower was estimated at £60 million.
However the most expensive fantasy property by a considerable margin was the Royal home, Windsor Castle, valued at a mighty £390.9 million.

A property analyst at, Nigel Lewis, said of the findings: “Based on these valuations, the government and Crown probably own enough land and property to pay down the national debt pretty significantly. Of course, we know these landmarks will never be put up for sale, but with property prices shooting up 10 percent in value over the past year we thought it would be fun to see what the market consensus was about their values.”

He added that : “It’s quite a challenge for estate agents more used to valuing suburban semis to put an accurate valuation on a royal castle or ancient monument, but there was a surprising amount of agreement between the different agents we spoke to.”

The UK property market has recently seen a healthy rise following a less than ideal start in 2010. In April annual growth in house prices rose by double figures, something that previously hasn’t happened for over two years.

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