Britons not using all their holiday time


A poll, jointly conducted by Reuters and Ipsos, has discovered that a quarter of British expats working abroad are not using their holiday time due to a sense of obligation.

Around 12,500 people from over 20 countries were quizzed for the survey. French workers were found to be most likely to take all of the holiday time available to them, with 89 percent talking all the days granted.

Argentinian workers were the next group of workers most likely to utilise the maximum number of holiday days, with 80 percent enjoying full vacations. Hungarian workers were next with 78 percent taking their full days, and Brits were fourth at 77 percent.

Japan’s reputation for being a nation ingrained with a strong work ethic was further confirmed as they had the least amount of workers who sought to take all of their vacation days, with only 33 percent taking all the time off.

John Wright, senior vice president of global market and opinion research firm Ipsos, offered his thoughts regarding the figures: “There are lots of reasons why people don't use up vacation days but most often it's because they feel obligated to their work and put it over other more important things, including their own health and welfare.”