British Isles classed as the worst place to live in Europe

British Isles

The results from a new survey suggests that the British Isles are the worst place to live in the whole of Europe, due to high cost of living, hard work and lacklustre public services.

According the findings of the survey, conducted by, Brits pay more money for food and basic items than in any other European country, they also work much longer hours and suffer from bad weather.

The uSwitch European quality of life index also found that British income levels are lagging behind European counterparts, as is the amount of money put into education and healthcare by the government.

The Director of Consumer Policy at, Ann Robinson, said: “Whereas some countries work to live, UK consumers live to work. In fact we work harder, take less holiday and retire later than most of our European counterparts - but the high cost of living makes this a necessity rather than a choice. With salaries failing to keep up with inflation, it’s likely that we’re a long way from achieving the quality of life that people in other countries enjoy.”

The quality of life index was topped by Spain and France, both known for great weather, early retirement, cheap living and longer life expectancy.

Out of all European nations only Ireland was deemed to be worse than England.