Expats connect through Social Media

Social Media

A recent study of many aspects of expat life has revealed that modern methods of communication and social media are tremendously popular amongst expats.

The survey, conducted by leading global recruiters the Hydrogen Group, unsurprisingly found out that the majority of expats, 70 percent, cited family and friends as the part of home they missed the most.

However when quizzed on the impact and help of social media and net communication tools like Twitter, Facebook and Skype, the results were very positive. When given the question “Has the use of social media/instant messaging helped ease homesickness whilst overseas?” 37 percent said definitely yes, 34 percent said mostly yes, 21 percent said no change, 5 percent said mostly not and 3 percent said definitely not.

Over the past few years the power of social media has increased rapidly. Fully changing the manner in which we communicate, it is no surprise that expats will utilise it to its fullest- 71 percent said that social media had aided their transition as an expat.

Current expat Jonathan Wiggins said: “Technology makes it so easy. We can see each other and talk all the time through Facebook, sharing pictures and comments."