Expats worry about settling in


New research from HSBC has shown that a large chunk of expats cite settling in as their biggest concern.

A survey conducted by the bank discovered that 41 percent of the respondents worried about re-establishing a social life in their new country.

Lisa Wood, head of customer propositions at HSBC Bank International said: “Although moving to a new country is undoubtedly going to provide some logistical obstacles as expats look to move their worldly possessions from continent to continent, it seems these challenges do not cause expats any major concerns.

“In fact, emotive worries are the biggest concerns for expats, especially amongst women. We’ve found that many female expats undertake a move as a result of their partner being posted abroad through their employment. As a result, they often have to assume full responsibility to set up their family and their partner in their new home and are often the one making the majority of the arrangements prior to move and once they’ve arrived.”