Canada Raises the Bar for Potential Immigrants

Expat Globe

Canada has announced a new programme to select immigrants based on the level of their skills and qualifications.

Citizen and Immigration Canada (CIC) have proposed a variety of modifications to their current system of accepting of foreign workers into their country. These changes are being introduced under the auspices of the Federal Skilled Worker Programme.

Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism minister Jason Kenney was quoted as saying that the change in selection criteria for immigrants, “are based on a large body of data and evidence we’ve accumulated over the years showing what skills and qualifications are most likely to lead to success for skilled immigrants.”

Language is now the most crucial selection factor whilst an emphasis will now be placed upon younger immigrants who will form a place in the work force for a potentially longer period of time. Previous work experience in Canada also gets marked higher whilst spouses and family members will also get recognition from the same factors.

The programme is Canada’s largest economic immigration plan and has been implemented to make sure skilled workers can ‘hit the ground running’ upon arrival. Canada has also proposed that FSWP applicants are subject to an Educational Credential Assessment in which foreign qualifications are assessed in relation to the Canadian equivalent in standards.

Points would then be awarded by CIC but doesn’t guarantee that they would become licensed to practice in a regulated occupation.

The finished outline of the proposals will be introduced in late 2012 and the points grid system should be in effect by the beginning of 2013. In the meantime, new applications are not being taken apart from candidates with a qualifying offer of arranged employment or those under the PhD stream.