Expat survey examines life abroad



A new survey asking for input from global expatriates is seeking to create a clear picture of international life in a number of different countries.

Post Office International Payments are in the process of competing the Expat Index 2012, a detailed survey that will examine household experiences and quality of life overseas. British expatriates living abroad are thus being to take the time to complete an online questionnaire and add to the findings.

Last year, the Expat Index revealed that two thirds of the respondents felt under pressure with regards totheir personal finances, but overall, 70 per cent, most British expatriates stated that they were happy with their new life in a foreign country.

Interestingly, the Post Office survey also revealed that Londoners and other south-east England residents are likely to emigrate, with significantly less emigrating from the north of England.

Speaking about last year’s results, Sarah Munro from Post Office International Payments said: "Though the vast majority of people who relocated abroad are much happier in their adoptive countries, even just moving across the channel can feel like worlds apart from your old life in the UK.”