Police Offer Advice to Cash Carrying Expats in Cyprus

Expat Globe

The world’s attention has been fixed on Cyprus for the past week thanks to a bungled bailout offer from the troika of the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and the European Commision.

The ongoing closure of the banks has lead to fear of a potential bank run and a clamouring for access to the diminishing number of ATMs still with cash.

Now the police in one Cyprus town have been forced to issue a statement to both the local and expatriate community warning of the dangers of carrying too much cash around.

A Paphos police spokesman said, “We are aware that many people are withdrawing sums of money from cash machines and are carrying a lot more money than they would usually. We have put measures in place which include more police patrols in all areas, especially outside bank ATM’s. We haven’t had any reported instances of robberies or bag snatching as yet and we hope this will remain the case.

“People need to be more careful and more aware and not give opportunities to would-be criminals.”

As this is being written Cypriot legislators are trying to hammer out a plan to save the Mediterranean island nation from economic catastrophe after a potential deal with the Russians fell through.

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