Expats placed in new categories


Expat Life

The latest NatWest International Quality of Life report has detailed the rise of the British expat, and the changing face of British people abroad.

In decades past British expats had a romantic image of older people seeking a sunshine-based getaway, but the current breed of motivated and driven UK expats have been bracketed into the following categories: Lifers, Professionals, Globe Trotters, Commuters and Silver expats.

Lifers are expats who move abroad permanently to live and work. Most Lifers, 78 percent, tend to relocate to other English speaking countries the likes of Australia, Canada, New Zealand and America. Usually falling into the 25 to 45 age range they are almost always skilled workers.

Professionals are people who leave the UK on a temporary basis, with a clear intention of one day returning home. Professionals take on specific international assignments and are happy to move around various different countries and cultures. They roughly spend around three years away for each assignment, the age range is again 25- 45, with the bulk of Professionals working in upper management.

Globe trotters are expats who venture away from the UK to work in various locations around the world for various different organisations. They move around very often and tend not to stay in the same place for long periods of time. Globe trotters are usually slight older professional workers, aged 45 to 60.

Commuters stay as UK residents UK but work overseas for their UK employer for short periods of time. Apparently this type of expat has increased over the last few years, and the expats themselves tend to be in the 35 to 45 age bracket in senior executive level.

Silver expats are people who completely leave the UK to start a new retirement life abroad, with no intention of ever going back.

The report also revealed that expats are mostly highly educated and command high salaries. Over 30 percent of expats earn more than £100,000 a year. The report also showed expats are adventurous and open to immersing themselves in their new cultures- they are cosmopolitan individuals who wish to make the most of the global opportunities available to them.