Expats want money and quality of life


A new report has found that quality of life and increased earnings are the main reasons expatriates choose to move abroad.

The report, conducted by HSBC Bank International, was aiming to gain a clear insight into the expat experience, and quizzed a number of expats regarding their outlook, lifestyle, career plan and reasons for becoming an expat.

The results showed that money and quality of life were the big draws, however it also found that the two don't necessarily go hand in hand. The countries that gave the most success for earnings and career were Saudi Arabia, Russia and Qatar, however these countries also came low in the quality of life table.

On the flipside some countries that offered greater levels of quality of life, such as Spain, South Africa and France, didn't supply the high wages of the other countries.

However there are exceptions, two countries charted highly for both quality of life and earnings, Bahrain and Bermuda. Interestingly, the BRIC nations, Brazil, Russia, India and China, were cited as being difficult to set up in, due to red tape and difficulty with doing things such as opening bank accounts and gaining healthcare. South Africa was found to be the one of the easiest places to set up shop in.

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