Expats warned of violence in the Maldives


The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has issued a warning to British people in the Maldives following outbreaks of violence and political unrest.

The Maldives have long been popular with expats and tourists alike but currently they are gripped in a dangerous struggle between the President and an opposing Parliament.

The FCO has stated that British people in the Maldives should stay away from political demonstrations and gatherings and be extremely careful at all times as the threat of indiscriminate terrorist attacks loom across the country. The capital city of Male has faced the brunt of the violence, with injuries to both civilians and law enforcers counted.

The FCO has advised all Brits in the Maldives to swiftly register with the British High Commission in nearby Colombo, as there is no British diplomatic mission in the Maldives at present.

Warnings have also emanated from the USA. Bobby Cox, an American expat working in the Maldives said: “I received a warning from the USA embassy a couple days ago indicating that we should be careful and to avoid government buildings and homes of famous politicians. My advice to our foreign employees is to stay away, as it's not our issue. We will only get in the way”.