Expat survey shows surprising results

Niagra Falls Canada

An HSBC survey of 26 countries has shown Canada to be the premier location for expatriates when it comes to living arrangements.

Canada also had the honour of taking second place in the category of general quality of life, taking in to account factors such as making new friends and family life. The survey based its results on 23 different socio-economic factors that combine to give the highest level of life quality. A surprise leader was the island of Bahrain which found itself coming first in the categories of working life, social life, local community groups and healthcare organisation.

The second best country in the accommodation category was Australia, and the rest of the top ten was made up by Thailand, Singapore, Bahrain, South Africa, France, USA, Spain and Hong Kong. In other categorical rankings Thailand came first in “making friends” and “finding somewhere to live”, Australia was number one in “organising finances”. America, the land of hope and glory, found itself floundering somewhat, coming 22nd in “social life” 24th in “organising one’s healthcare” yet topping the “clothing”, “learning the language” and “household goods” sections.

Another section of the survey looked at the financial side of expatriate life. This section claimed that 68 percent of expatriates are enjoying increased savings and making a greater amount of investments. In this section Saudi Arabia claimed the “increased savings” title, Japan took “income” and Qatar was the best for “disposable income”.

Some more interesting details that emerged from the survey included expats attitudes spinning out of the global credit crunch. Out of those surveyed 63 percent stated that the credit crunch had made them rethink their spending, almost 70 percent said they were trying to save money on a daily basis and a further 60 percent said that they had cut their spending on luxury items.