Man arrested in UAE for fake 'million dollar' bill


Million Dollar Bill

In an incredibly brazen act of fraud a man has been arrested in the United Arab Emirates for attempting to trick a bank into breaking a bogus ‘million dollar’ bank note.

The unnamed man, believed to be of African descent, convinced a European woman to assist him, convincing her that the notes were genuine and promising her 30 percent of the value should she succeed in receiving change for the notes at UAE Central Bank in Abu Dhabi.

The fake bank bills were actually US collector’s items, special commemorative items that are in no way legal tender. The woman who was enlisted by the fraudster immediately smelled a rat and instead of trying to break the notes, she went to the Central Bank and informed them of the scheme.

The police were then alerted and together with the woman a sting operation was created to ensnare the fraudster. The woman contacted the man and told him that the trade had been a success, and that they should meet at a hotel to exchange the cash, however when the meet took place police swooped to arrest the man, who is now in custody and undergoing questioning.

Colonel Hammad Ahmed al-Hamadi of the Abu Dhabi police said: “The suspect claimed that he was not aware that the notes do not have any value.”