British expats look to Asia



As Asian economies the likes of China and Singapore continue to display resilience and growth, expats are increasingly looking to the East over Western Europe and the US.

The latest NatWest Quality of Life index has revealed as such, with expats said to be attracted not only to the bustling economy, but the high salaries, low tax and excellent job prospects too.

And it seems that the feeling is mutual- the demand for skilled professional Brits in Asian economies is also rising, with an 18 percent increase in the number of expats working in China and Singapore, while Brits to the US has fallen by 11 percent.

Brisk development in China is changing the way expats live in the country. Modern communications have spread rapidly, and previous travel restrictions have been hugely relaxed, allowing expats a lot more freedom to communicate and explore in their new eastern home. Of course, China’s immense economic growth has only made expat decisions easier, and many Western multinationals now endeavour to send their most promising employees over to the East.

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