Expats Look to Move as Fixed Rate Bonds Mature

Expat Globe

It is now the peak time for fixed rate bonds to mature and therefore it might be prudent for expats holding in funds in such products to move on to get the best deal.

However, even with shopping around expats will struggle to achieve similar rates to that which they were previously achieving.

For example, until recently it was possible to earn 3.05% from Permanent Bank International but this has now fallen to 2.75% which is more inline with the rest of the market. Alliance and Leicester International are offering the same rate and the Co-operative International are offering 2.81% but both of these are seen as more transient and could be withdrawn at any time.

If expats are more interested in putting money into an easy access account then there are a variety of good options available. Nationwide International will give you 2.5% through their Bond Access Issue 2 account while their 95 day notice Bonus 95 account will pay 2.65% on a minimum of £25,000 with a one year bonus of 1.8%.

For much more information on these and more long term savings plans please remember that it is important to consult a quality assured Independant Financial Advisor.