Birthday proves to be popular pin code

Pin Codes

According to a recent study a large amount of people are using their birthday as a pin code, which is music to fraudsters ears.

The website MyVoucherCodes interviewed 1,576 people, and they found that 18 percent of the respondents used their birthday as a pin code because it was a memorable number. Shockingly, 13 percent admitted to keeping a pin code written down in their wallet, leaving them at strong risk of crime.

Farhad Farhadi, personal finance expert at, slammed the lack of inventiveness and highlighted the risks: “I was surprised to see just how many people have their PIN number as their birthday. I would strongly advise against this. You need to select a number that is memorable to you, but not known by other people, or just learn the PIN that the bank provides you with. Consumers who pay for items on a credit or debit card with a PIN are just as vulnerable to identity theft as people who sign for payments. It’s not rocket science; having your PIN written somewhere in your purse or wallet, right next to your credit or debit card, is asking for trouble.”