British Schools Target Expat Market Overseas

Expat Globe

For expats moving abroad arranging a quality British education for their children is often of utmost importance. Now a growing range of British schools are opening branches in popular expat destinations making the whole process far easier.

Popular international schools such as ISS, United World College and GEMS provide a quality and familiar education for British students in locations around the world. This means that expats moving around various offshore locations can be sure that their children’s educational needs will be satisfied.

GEMS claim to provide “high-quality holistic education to more than 110,000 students from 151 countries.” and aim “to be the world’s leading provider of quality education enriching the lives of millions of children, and the communities in which they live”.

These schools also allow expats and their children to tap into a readymade social scene, support system and community. Many schools will employ the standard British curriculum used back home but many expats prefer to opt for an institution offering the International Baccalaureate examination preferred by many employers and institutions of further education around the world.

International schools can be big business and large groups such as British Schools Group are pursuing aggressive growth strategies in emerging expat markets such as China and the United Arab Emirates.