Expats in Singapore rush to buy land


Singapore is one of the most popular destinations for expatriate workers in the entire world, with a bustling economy skilled foreigners can easily find a rewarding role in the country.

Whilst these expats traditionally take up residence in city apartments, recent trends are showing that more and more expats are instead opting to buy what the Singaporeans call “landed properties”- properties that come with land.

Worldwide property agent Knight Frank have been conducting research into the trends and they have discovered that about 150 landed properties were purchased by foreigners in Singapore in the first half of 2010, which is only fractionally less than the same figure for the whole of 2009. The research also showed that less and less foreigners are choosing to buy condos and flats, a strong shift in the way expats in Singapore are now living.

A spokesman at Knight Frank said: “The strong interest for landed homes is due to an increasing recognition for landed homes as a priced commodity in land-scarce Singapore. The bulk of new residential properties launched are condominiums and apartments, and newer choices from landed homes are limited. Landed homes are also becoming increasingly attractive to foreigners who are seeking exclusive projects in quieter locations away from main town centres.”

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