British expats don't want to come home

Lloyds TSB

New research from Lloyds TSB has revealed that over half of British Expatriates currently living abroad have no desire to ever return to the United Kingdom.

Lloyds TSB International conducted a survey amongst UK expats living and working abroad and they found that around 56 percent believed they would never return to the UK on a permanent basis ever again.

Lloyds TSB International interviewed UK expats in the popular expat destinations France, South Africa, USA, UAE and Hong Kong.

The survey found that the older expat was less inclined to venture back home, of the over 65s 80 percent claimed they wouldn’t go back to England.

“Research shows that moving countries carries with it a huge emotional investment and it takes on average one to two years before an expat establishes a social network and starts to feel settled. Coupled with the fact that most move to advance their career, it is no great surprise therefore than once they start to reap the benefits they aren’t contemplating moving yet again: over two-thirds of respondents with more than £500,000 in liquid assets are not planning a return to the UK.”