Britons favour topless sunbathing

Topless Sunbathing

A new study from a comparison website has eschewed the traditional prudish image of Brits and revealed that British holiday goers and expatriates have a relaxed attitude with regards to topless sunbathing.

Skyscanner, the air flight comparison company, surveyed over 3,000 people to establish the general attitude towards topless sunbathing, for both men and women. According to the survey the attitudes of Brits were behind only that of the Germans. Of the Britons quizzed 93 percent claimed they were in favour of stripping off, the Germans beating this with 99 percent lauding the topless way.

Unsurpringly the worldwide vote amongst males saw 96 percent in favour of women going topless, with the number falling to 87 percent amongst women themselves.

Similarly 98 percent of all people questioned thought it was fine for a man to sunbathe shirtless, however when asked if they thought it was OK for men to go topless in public, at a restaurant or bar, just 18 percent said it was acceptable.

Of the respondents who were parents, 29 percent stated that they were against their children being exposed to topless sunbathing.

The findings of the survey come at a time when a Spanish resort has banned people from going topless anywhere except the beach. Costa Daurada has enforced the ban, with the rest of Barcelona beginning an initiative to encourage a more appropriate style of dress throughout the city.

Benjamín Pérez Ulecia, a representative for Skyscanner in Spain simply encouraged people “to respect the local customs and culture”.