China Increases Opportunities for Expat Permanent Residency

Expat Globe

China has become a destination that is very popular for potential expats but has always been a particularly challenging country due to some difficult hurdles put in place for those seeking permanent residency.

Despite have a vastly larger population China only handed out 5000 green cards since their launch 8 years ago compared to 100 000 from Australia and 120 000 from the United States of America every year.

China has listened to concerns and will move to enact legislation aimed at making living and working in China easier for the expat community.

Beijing and Shanghai in particular are cities that the Chinese authorities would like to make more attractive to the investment that the international expat community can bring.

Chinese companies are growing rapidly and China needs to attract global expat talent and compete in the international job market to maintain and grow its corporate sector.

Expats already in China or considering making the move will be encouraged to learn that if they earn one of the new increased number of green cards issued annually there will be numerous benefits.

Green card holders will be able to purchase property in China even if they have only been resident for less than a year. In addition it will not be necessary to apply for or a obtain a Chinese work visa and setting up a business will be far easier with fewer restrictions and regulations to adhere to.