British expats return for January sales


John Lewis

After gloomy forecasts and the increasingly familiar sight of well known stores closing branches, it seems the cavalry has arrived to help the UK’s ailing retailers- British expats.

Reports from the British high street have revealed that stores are receiving a significant boost from visiting expats looking for bargains from their favourite stores.

Quintessential British stores like John Lewis and Selfridges reported strong January sales to expat customer. John Lewis revealed that expat sales had increased this year, with expats returning from a number of places- India increased by 11 percent, China increased by 64 percent, Russia 33 percent, United Arab Emirates 12 percent, Australia 47 per cent and Saudi Arabia 42 percent.

John Lewis also saw a lot of activity on its globally shipping web store. Expats in France made the most purchases, followed by Ireland, Germany, Australia and the USA.

Selfridges also benefited from a rise in expat buyers, and their luxury goods, brands such as Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo and Gucci, were said to be flying off the shelves.

Expats buying their favourite items from home is no new phenomena, and this year it seems the temptation to jet back for a quick shop was too strong to resist.