Ed Miliband calls for higher taxes

Ed Miliband

New Labour Party leader Ed Milband says that he wants to see taxes at a higher rate than those planned by his predecessor Gordon Brown.

Ed Miliband was recently announced to have defeated his brother David in the race for new Labour Party leader. Speaking to Channel 4 News he said: “I would do more from taxation than Alistair proposed in his plan. Alistair’s plan was two-thirds spending cuts, one third taxation. I think we can do more with taxation. Alistair’s plan is the starting point with two additional things. First of all we should look to do more from taxation.”

Miliband added: “I’m not going to pluck a proportion out of the air. What I’m saying is that if I was in government at the moment, I would be looking, whether it’s a tax on the banks or tackling tax avoidance, to lighten the load and the cuts and the impact it’s going to have on ordinary families.”

This new comes following the revelation that UK taxes are now the fourth highest in the whole of Europe according to a KPMG annual individual income tax and social security rate survey.