Online radio station reaches out to expats

Mr Anstis

A new, online only, radio station, Expatsradio, has been launched by Dartmoor based Peter Anstis.

Originally starting in 2005, a re-launch of the site took place around three months ago, and Expatsradio now receives about 1000 listeners per day, with a host of special programs that cater specifically for British expats around the globe.

The radio shows are there to entertain and also provide support and information for expats. Some of the show titles include; Helping Expats to Settle Down, Voting as an Expat and many more. The site also has a number of language-teaching shows to help expats get to grips with a new tongue.

The founder of Expatsradio, Peter Anstis, said: “Most of us are expats ourselves, and we know how lonely it can be. We think that this station can help people abroad feel more connected”.

“As it’s not live, you can choose what category of programme you want to listen to, regardless of what timezone you are in, and what country. What we aim for is to provide both information and entertainment - something for everyone. So we run more general programmes, like cookery classes and financial advice sessions, as well as more region-specific broadcasts”.

Despite his initial success, Mr Anstis wants to create an even larger presence for Expatsradio online via social media, he even hopes to have the station broadcast through smartphones: “Facebook, Twitter, you name it, we’re working on it. I’m hoping to have some iPhone apps developed soon, and to enable video on the site. I’d really like to be up to a million or so listeners in the next year, so there’s lots to do. Effectively, we aim to be everywhere.”