Quality of life tops reasons to move


Moving Abroad

A survey examining the primary reasons people leave the United Kingdom has revealed that an improvement in quality of life is the number one reason behind many people’s ambitions to relocate.

The research was conducted by Post Office International Payments who surveyed a number of people who are considering a move away from the UK. In a top ten breakdown of reasons to relocate quality of life came first, followed by warmer climate at two, the desire to experience a new culture at three, the adventure associated with moving away came fourth, and carving out a better work/life balance rounded up the top five.

Following those reasons, the sixth reason was escaping the high costs of living in the UK, seventh was the opportunity of a greater financial rewards abroad, improved career opportunities came eighth, better surroundings for a children came ninth and finally the combination of travelling abroad whilst also being paid to work was the tenth reason.

The research shows that there are still many reasons why people are leaving the United Kingdom. The study also discovered that people who do move away generally tend to stay away for at least seven years, if not linger.

Moving away from the UK has many benefits for the skilled professional. There are many great expatriate job opportunities in desirable global locations, locations that are a far cry from the gloomy landscape of modern Britain.

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