April 2010 News

30th April 2010 Economic think tank offers grim forecast for UK tax

29th April 2010 Investors huddle around Greece crash

28th April 2010 iPhone app created to help Brits stay out of trouble in UAE

27th April 2010 Capping expats won't help UAE locals

26th April 2010 United Nations calls for relaxed UAE sponsorship laws

23rd April 2010 Greece bites bullet and asks for bailout to go ahead

22nd April 2010 British expatriates face greater tax scrutiny

20th April 2010 Precious metals increase in worth

18th April 2010 Offshore accounts more attractive for British expatriates

16th April 2010 Jersey pulls in wealthy British expatriates

15th April 2010 Recent tax changes

14th April 2010 Sterling pensions lead to cash-strapped expats

13th April 2010 British expatriates prefer life abroad

12th April 2010 High street banks let customers down with investment advice

11th April 2010 Make money to live longer

10th April 2010 HMRC issue heavy fines for self-assessment mistakes

9th April 2010 Germany put the kibosh on Greece bailout

8th April 2010 British expatriates vote deadline

7th April 2010 Brits and Germans united by new Greek property tax

6th April 2010 Foreigners causing unrest in UAE

5th April 2010 Expat survey shows surprising results

5th April 2010 Greece bail out confirmed

4th April 2010 Jersey top of the league

4th April 2010 Australian politician hits out at overseas pension ruling

3rd April 2010 Brit pair to face one month in Dubai jail after losing kiss appeal

3rd April 2010 High earners hit with high tax

2nd April 2010 IMF steps in as Greece hits rock bottom

2nd April 2010 Wealthy Greeks flee sinking ship

1st April 2010 British Government fears new EU hedge fund regulations could damage economy

1st April 2010 OAPs miss out on pension pay day

1st April 2010 Britain bashes out budget