British 'Abu Dhabi' number plate set for huge auction price



A car number plate that spells out “Abu Dhabi” is set to claim a huge price at auction as UAE business men clamour to get hold of it.

AB11 DHB originally cost just £400 when purchased from the UK's Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, but is predicted to fetch up to 1000 times more when the bidding war comes to a close.

Apparently, two “very prominent businessmen” have made bids into six figures says M.I.Khan, the CEO of Dubai-based company MIK Legal Consulting,the organiser of the auction: “How much it could reach is beyond me – if the bidders push, the sky is the limit. We hope to achieve around £350,000-400,000, which would be a UK record, and by Abu Dhabi standards it is a cheap buy.”

It is said that the two main bidders have strong links to Britain, and some rumours suggest a buyer may intend to present the plate as a gift to Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the owner of Manchester City Football Club.

The seller of the plate is apparently an Abu Dhabi businessman within the motor industry who identified the plate as a desirable plate for wealthy car enthusiasts.