Sydney launches expat recruitment drive



Highly skilled expats are being lured to Sydney and New South Wales in Australia in a bid to improve the areas and create greater investment.

The New South Wales initiative aims to up its annual intake of skilled expats to 7,200.

New South Wales has had a relatively low intake of skilled migrants, and the authorities hope to buck this trend in the imminent future.

Andrew Stoner, minister for trade and investment for NSW, said: "We want the best and brightest from around the world to help fill skills shortages and turn our economy around. Overseas migrants, foreign students and visitors are needed in NSW to help establish international relationships which support our cultural and economic links."

New South Wales plans to increase its number of skilled expats to 30 per cent of the total in Australia.

The proposals were detailed in a report released earlier this month. The report also outlined plans make it easier for expats who make hefty investments into the state – upwards A$750,000 (£487,000) – to get visas and permanent residency.