Expats finding opportunity in new places

Expat Globe

According to new research, the destinations where expats go to earn big money are changing.

Old stalwarts such as the US, UK and Australia are still very popular, but a number of new destinations are making rapid progress.

Conducted by global recruitment firm Hydrogen, the research reveals Africa is begging to be a big expat destination, partly due to investment from China into areas such as infrastructure.

Despite global economy worries, it seems that expats are still finding work overseas, and still earning well. It may be slightly more difficult to find work but for skilled individuals there are still plenty of openings available around the world.

Hydrogen’s client services director Dan Church said: “People now need to go where the revenue is,” he said. “Five years ago this might have been New York, London and Hong Kong; now it is also Shanghai, Houston, Vietnam and so on. While the latest research found the three most popular places for expats to live and work remained the US, the UK and Australia, their dominance is waning. Last year 18 percent chose the US as their number one destination; this year it was 13%, a 27% fall in only 12 months.”