World's fastest rollercoaster found in Abu Dhabi Ferrari World


Ferrari World

Not content with having the world's tallest building in Dubai, the UAE can now also lay claim to having the world's most thrilling rollercoaster in Abu Dhabi's Ferrari World theme park.

The newly opened theme park is a mammoth complex which claims to be the world's largest indoor park and acts as a companion to the nearby Formula One race track. The main attraction in this sprawling site is undoubtedly the Formula Rossa, a rollercoaster ride that aims to recreate the experience of racing in a Formula One Ferrari.

The ride itself is officially the world's fastest rollercoaster and reaches terrifyingly exciting speeds of 24 km per hour, and probably shouldn’t be ridden if you have a heart condition.

To give the theme park the feel of big parks found in the UK and the US, a large bulk of the staff are actually expats, including the manager of Ferrari World, Briton Andy Keeling, who previously worked for Alton Towers.

More than just rollercoasters, the park also has a Ferrari Museum showing the history of the illustrious car manufacturers, and the park 's management hope it will become more than simply am attraction for tourists: Kelling said: “Wherever you go in Abu Dhabi, you'll see men with Ferrari caps and shirts on. We want to encourage repeat visits from the locals. That’s why we’ll be doing things like changing the stage show, and changing the cars in the museum, regularly.”