Qatar creates property permits for foreign residents



Qatar has begun to issue out residency permits for foreign residents after a new law has been passed allowing such foreigners to eschew the need for a sponsor by purchasing a property.

As more international focus shifts onto Qatar over the next ten years, it's expected that there will be serious demand for the visas from expats.

Apparently the people who have so far chosen to take up the residency offer come from a range of different nations including Europe and America.

There are some restrictions though, at the moment people are only allowed to buy property in certain areas of Qatar. The change in law means that people who buy a property no longer need an actual human sponsor to gain them a residency permit.

Other changes have also been introduced as Qatar seeks to make the country a more attractive destination for foreign workers. Red tape has been snipped, and soon all foreign workers who enter Qatar will be able to complete their paperwork in the airport when they arrive, as opposed to visiting various government offices after they arrive.

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