Expat in Kuwait in Drugs Arrest for Growing Cannabis

Expat Globe

Everyone in the expat community knows that the number one rule of moving offshore is to obey all local laws and customs even if contravening something similar back home is regarded as routine.

One Bangladeshi expatriate living in Kuwait has been particularly silly and chose to cultivate his own marijuana farm within a country and region famed for draconian narcotics laws.

Even though recreational drug use happens in the Gulf region, and in some places could even be described at rampant, the idea that an expat would choose to actually produce illegal drugs themselves will send shivers down the spine of many in the offshore community.

This wannabe drug kingpin was employed to look after a wealthy Kuwaiti’s extensive gardens and surreptitiously hid the illicit plants amongst other, more legal saplings that he was tasked with cultivating.

The suspect’s boss was unaware what was happening on his property and it has been reported that the cannabis seeds were brought over from his native Bangladesh.

A similar case in 2010 attracted a death sentence from the Kuwait courts so it cannot be stressed enough how seriously the authorities take drug crimes in the country as well as in the region as a whole.

In a similar case earlier in 2013 police reported raiding the biggest cannabis plantation ever discovered in Kuwait.